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This Holstein UK website is renowned for the quality of information that is available on animals from around the world quickly and for free.

In this section you can search for all kinds of facts and figures on any bull or cow that is contained within the system. All animal names that you see throughout the section are hyperlinked to a three generation pedigree and performance fact sheet.

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Genetic Evaluations – April 2015

We are pleased to make available the latest genetic evaluation results.

With this release of both Type and Production data, Interbull GMACE results are also being introduced into the UK.

For the selected young Holstein bulls where Interbull has provided GMACE evaluations, these will replace Pedigree Index calculations. However, they do not replace existing UK genomic results or daughter evaluations.

Bulls have included genomic results since April 2012. Further information related to this release can be found below under ‘Proof Information Documents’

Female Genomic evaluations released by DairyCo and Holstein UK offer farmers new information on their animals to better target their future breeding needs.

Top Genomic PLI Cows
Cows in-milk which have production data contributing to their genetic indexes.

The information is based on a combination of the traditional data recorded on each animal, combined with its ancestry information and now also its genomic information. This further improves the accuracy of the genetic indexes, and makes the information on young animals in particular much more informative.

This now means females will receive the full complement of linear type indexes calculated by Holstein UK, alongside all their fitness trait indexes calculated by DairyCo Breeding+.

The results of these evaluations are published in three separate lists:

Top Genomic PLI Cows
Cows in-milk which have production data contributing to their genetic indexes

Top Genomic PLI Heifers
Females under 36 months of age, which do not yet have production data included in the indexes. (Note; some of these may have calved and already be classified, but are too fresh yet to have their production data contributing to the evaluations)

Top PLI Cows (Non Genomic)
The traditional list of milking cows which have both production and ancestry records, but have not been genotyped

Proof Documents:
1) April 2015 Proof Run Press Release
2) Guide to Genomic Evaluations
3) Inbreeding Coefficients – To login visit the Members Section

Release Date Information:
Further official interbull proof data release dates are:
Tuesday 11 August 2015
Tuesday 1 December 2015

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this document, no responsibility can be accepted thereto.