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This Holstein UK website is renowned for the quality of information that is available on animals from around the world quickly and for free.

In this section you can search for all kinds of facts and figures on any bull or cow that is contained within the system. All animal names that you see throughout the section are hyperlinked to a three generation pedigree and performance fact sheet.

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The CDI have developed a number of services to assist breed society members with making informed breeding decisions. These services cover management, education, breeding and benchmarking and are encompassed within The Breeding Toolbox.

Genetic Evaluations Release
August 2015

We are pleased to make available the latest genetic evaluation results via this and the CDI websites.

MALES are updated with effect from 11th August 2015

FEMALES are updated as soon as the data received from Interbull can be uploaded, usually around one week after male data release.

Proof Documents:
1) Holstein Type Proofs release August 2015
2) Guide to Genomic Evaluations
3)Inbreeding Coefficients – To log-in to theMembers Section

Future Interbull evaluation release dates:
  • Tuesday 1st December 2015
  • Tuesday 9th August 2016
  • Tuesday 5th April 2016
  • Tuesday 6th December 2016

All evaluation results are produced in collaboration with both

  • AHDB Dairy
  • Holstein UK Logo

with data hosted by the

Evaluations are based on a combination of the traditional data recorded on each animal, combined with its ancestry information and its genomic information. Genomic results further improve the accuracy of the genetic indexes, and make the information on young animals in particular much more informative.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this document, no responsibility can be accepted thereto.