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09-12-2011 - Lyngate signs off with a leading bid of 6700 gns

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The Dispersal sale of the entire milking portion of the old established LYNGATE Herd of Pedigree Holsteins took place at Beeston Castle Auction,Cheshire on Tuesday, 25th October on behalf of Gavin Paterson of Worstead Farms Ltd., Smallburgh, Norfolk. A great crowd was in attendance from all over the country attracted to the sale by the good health status being from a 4 year TB testing parish, the production and type of the herd and the good reputation which the herd has had for several decades.

There was plenty of bidding on the top animals and all the cattle that were, especially those with some depth of pedigree. The top seller was Lyngate Jordan Ina (Ex92-4yr), a daughter of Roylane Jordan out of an (EX90) Boss Iron; she had calved her third calf in May, had been bred back to Outside and was sold giving 47.5 kg. The final bidder was John Cawston buying for his Poringland Herd at Bungay, Suffolk.


The second top price was 4400 gns paid for the outstanding milking heifer, Lyngate Ross Jenny (VG85-2yr), a daughter of Durham Ross out of an (Ex90) dam by Outside bred back to Sunspark Destiny for calving next February. She sold to James McNeil of Lochan, Stranraer who also purchased the leading senior cow in the sale, Lyngate Shottle Jane (Ex94-2E) for 3900 gns; this wonderful daughter of Shottle was milking with her fourth calf and has been a successful prizewinner on the Norfolk Show circuit. She was back in-calf for next February to Pine-Tree Sid.


Another of the show team making the return journey to Norfolk was third calf Lyngate Destiny Rose (Ex91), a powerful daughter of Sunspark Destiny that sold for 4000 gns to join the herd of Peter and Ava Barrell at Shipdham, Nr.East Dereham. The same buyers also purchased another member of the show team, the fourth calf Lyngate Freeman Quicksand (Ex92-2E) due in February to Sid for 2600 gns. Allso going back to Norfolk was Lyngate Cut Vaakje (G78-2yr), a milking heifer by Final Cut bred from eight generations of Excellent dams sold to Ken and Rebecca Proctor for their Airfield Herd at East Dereham, Norfolk.


Local buyers John Richardson, Warmingham, Sandbach and Gordon Throup of Eccleshall, Stafford jointly purchased Lyngate Stig Honey (VG85-3yr), a second calf daughter of the homebred Weeton Jackson son, Lyngate Stig that was just six weeks fresh. She sold for 3700 gns. The same partnership also purchased Lyngate Freeman Alma (VG85-2yr) who was back in-calf to Shottle for 2700 gns.


Also making the journey to Scotland was the top fresh heifer Lyngate Power Myrna; by a homebred son of Boss Iron, this heifer has seven generations of dams classified VG/EX. She sold for 3400 gns to the Drumchapel Estate Company of Brechin, Angus. James McNeil was back in the market again purchasing Lyngate Jacko Cherry (VG87-3yr), a second calf daughter of the Weeton Jackson son, Lyngate Jacko for 3200 gns as well as the Boss Iron daughter Lyngate Iron Alfrida 2nd (VG86-2yr) in-calf to Sid for December for 2750 gns.


Two of the leading lots went to two different buyers from Carmarthen, South Wales at 2700 gns each; Lyngate Destiny Monymusk 3rd (GP84) was purchased by Thomas Plas Ltd and Lyngate Favor Tolpis (VG85-2yr) by Quality Favor sold to Roger Morse.


The group of winter calving heifers sold to 2000 gns for Lyngate Power Jenny 2nd purchased by the Usan Estate at Montrose, Angus.



Lot 81

Lyngate Jordan Ina (EX92-4yr)

C R Cawston Ltd, Suffolk


Lot 170

Lyngate Ross Jenny (VG85-2yr)

Messrs R McNeil, Stranraer


Lot 82

Lyngate Destiny Rose (Ex91)

P & A Barrell & Son, Norfolk


Lot 31

Lyngate Shottle Jane (EX94-2E)

Messrs R McNeil, Stranraer


Lot 141

Lyngate Stig Honey (VG85-3yr)

J Richardson & G Throup


Lot 219

Lyngate Power Myrna

Drumchapel Estate Co., Brechin


Lot 107

Lyngate Jacko Cherry (VG87-3yr)

Messrs R McNeil, Stranraer


Lot 163

Lyngate Cut Vaakje (G78-2yr)

Robert Paterson, Norfolk


Lot 120

Lyngate Iron Alfrida 2nd (VG86-2yr)

Messrs R McNeil, Stranraer


Lot 147

Lyngate Destiny Monymusk 3rd (GP84)(VG-MS)

Thomas Plas Ltd, Carmarthen


Lot 156

Lyngate Freeman Alma (VG85-2yr)

J Richardson & G Throup


Lot 174

Lyngate Favor Tolpis (VG85-2yr)

Mr & Mrs JR Morse, Carmarthen


Lot 26

Stardale River Vaakje 4th ET (EX91-2E)

L G Brigham & Sons, Norfolk


Lot 28

Lyngate Freeman Quicksand (EX92-2E)

P & A Barrell & Son, Norfolk


Lot 44

Smallburgh Igniter Tolpis 2nd (EX92-2E)

R & RA Jones, Montgomery


Lot 84

Lyngate Rave Cherry 3rd (VG88)

T Crawford & Co Ltd, Suffolk


Lot 148

Lyngate Buckeye Handsome (GP84-2yr)

L G Brigham & Sons, Norfolk


Lot 121

Lyngate Atom Tolpis (VG88-3yr)

Wilfred Maddocks Ltd, Newport


Lot 131

Lyngate Rave Monymusk (GP84-2yr)

G Thomasson, Whitchurch, Shropshire


Lot 66

Smallburgh Zebra Tolpis 3rd (VG89)

Usan Estate, Montrose, Scotland


Lot 116

Lyngate Destiny Rose 2nd (VG85-3yr)

H Sinker & Sons, Warrington


Lot 136

Lyngate Rover Brenda (VG86-2yr)

Wilfred Maddocks Ltd, Newport


Lot 186

Lyngate Power Lily (GP80-2yr)

T Crawford & Co Ltd, Suffolk




209 Cows and Milking Heifers £1742.15; 16 In-calf Heifers £1734.47; 225 HEAD £1741.60

WRIGHT MANLEY of Beeston Castle Auction, Cheshire were the Auctioneers.

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